Don’t forget your man on Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world, as lovers everywhere tell their  partners how much they love them.   Love is certainly in the air, although some may find it a little sickly, and men have been known to make some huge mistakes, as our pictures show!  The main thing is that the rewards for treating your partner to a lovely gift of love can be great.  A little piece of jewellery and a card is so simple, but it can put you in the good books for weeks to come!  A necklace, a bracelet, or a ring, is all  you need to buy to make your Valentine feel happy and loved :-)   Love Those Charms like to help you in your choice of gifts, so check out our website and have a look around – you’ll not be disappointed.


Fancy a Freebie?

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Get a free Real Flower Pendant with any order

from our stunning new range – check it out at Real Flower Jewellery

ughTo celebrate the launch of our brand new Real Flower Jewellery range we are giving one of these cotton cord pendants to every customer who places any order with us. Just place an order at Love Those Charms and your pendant will be sent with your order. As always we send everything out FREE by Royal Mail – First Class Recorded Delivery.

There are four designs of these pendants – please note that we cannot guarantee which one you will receive. This is a gorgeous range. Each item is made with real flowers which have been dried and pressed into resin pendants and then set in Sterling Silver.

This offer is AS WELL as the other offers on our site – 10% off your first order when you use code ‘love’ plus a free Lovelinks spacer when you spend £50 or more on Lovelinks Charms.

Offer available while stocks last. Don’t miss it!

Men and their Jewellery

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Men are wearing more and more jewellery each and every day. From the likes of David Beckham to Johnny Depp, to Bob the postman to Dave the baker, jewellery for men is getting bigger and better!  Bracelets are very common with men, as they look cool and go with nearly all types of clothing. We at Those Those Charms think men look sexier in a bracelet or a silver necklace, as even with David Beckham and his stunning looks, a piece of jewellery makes him look that little sexier and more classy :-) Women are now buying their men jewellery, and men just love it!  We are stocking up on men’s jewellery for Christmas, so come on girls, get your man a nice piece of jewellery.

Be sure to check out our wonderful new range of Aagaard bracelets and links just for men at

Lady Diana Still Reigns Supreme

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The recent film about Lady Diana (“Diana”) has received mixed reviews, but Love Those Charms thought it was a decent insight into the her troubled life. Fair enough, there were parts of the film that posed questions about her love life, but we feel it’s all private stuff about the great woman that should be kept private – everybody is entitled to privacy in our eyes. Apart from the film itself, we couldn’t help but notice all the fine jewellery on show – charms, necklaces, bracelets, you name it, the film had it! Nobody could ever play Lady Diana and get it 100% right, but we feel, although she doesn’t particularly look like her, Naomi Watts played the part brilliantly. If you haven’t seen the film yet, then go watch it and take note of all that gorgeous jewellery on show!

diana 2 diana

Supermodel Caroline Winberg so Down to Earth

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carol ellegalan_caroline_winberg

This morning, Swedish Supermodel Caroline Winberg joined Max and Helen on the sofa at Soccer AM to discuss her new show ‘The Face’. If you didn’t know her that well before, then you’d have been delighted at her down-to-earth personality and how well dressed she was. Caroline looked classy in a small silver necklace and charm, and she even showed her football skills off with getting the ball in the car park goal! She will feature as a judge in the new ‘modelling’ show ‘The Face’ and you’ll see her having great banter with Naomi Campbell. Caroline always looks good, as you’d expect, and usually wears a nice piece of silver jewellery with each and every outfit. Love Those Charms would love to see Caroline Winberg in one of our beautiful sterling silver necklaces.

Which is Your Favourite Silver Charm?

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LOVE_THOSE_CHARMS_LOGO_FINALCreate your very own silver charm bracelet with charms from our website, at very reasonable prices. Choose from our own range of charms in silver, enamel and cubic zirconia to capture precious moments in your life.  All of our own range charms are compatible with Thomas Sabo, Links Of London and Giorgio Martello. They are amazing value and any bracelet looks just great with any outfit. We have a few favourites ourselves, and at the moment they are the Lilac Enamel Flower Silver Charm (£16.80), the Cherub With Wings Silver Charm (£12.60) and the Black Masquerade Mask Silver Charm (£11.30). Visit our site and find your favourite charms!!

Charms and their History

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roman1 chamr

Charms have been used as a symbol of one’s own life since Roman times, when Christians, in fear of letting others know their religion, used to carry small charms shaped like a fish.  This told other Christians of their religion; the fish charm used because of the Greek word for fish (ichthys), which is an acronym for ‘Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour’.  The Greeks and Romans wore many other charms, mainly out of superstition and respect for other Gods.   Charm bracelets became very popular throughout the 1950s and 1960s, mainly as a gift for girls on their 16th or 18th birthday, or as a wedding or engagement present.  Nowadays, charms and trinket bracelets are highly sought after the world over.  Very popular with young celebrities, charms have been used to promote charities and religion,  to represent good times and just plain fun, as well as carrying the sentiment which comes with every one.

It’s So Obvious!

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What’s the first thing you think when looking at this photo? Yes, that’s right, no jewellery in sight!

The guy would look so cool in a chunky silver necklace and a manly bracelet, and the pretty lady would look good in a nice silver necklace, a couple of bracelets and rings. Of course, we would think of that straight away here at Love Those Charms, as we visualize everything and everybody wearing suitable jewellery!

The guy is Shaquille O’Neal of course, the famous ex-basketball player from the US, with his lovely girlfriend, Nicole. Be honest, how handsome would Shaq look with a big silver chain and matching bracelet, and how much prettier would Nicole look with a Lovelinks bracelet, filled with gorgeous differing beads – but hey! what do we know, eh?!

Thigh Chains Are Back!

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thighThigh Chains – love them or hate them??

Thigh chains are back, and are back with a bang. The necklace for your legs has been around for years, but has now started to make a comeback. This week, at London Fashion Week, several models were seen wearing them, and none other than Lindsay Lohan has recently been snapped wearing one. We at Love Those Charms like them, but we do have to question how comfortable they really are. A few of the girls around the office have tried them and, despite feeling sexy in them, they say they’re not easy to put on and forget about. However, it’s still a thumbs up from Love Those Charms, as anything jewellery is perfectly fine with us. You can also wear them over trousers, and some girls have even been seen wearing them over a skirt. Fashions from different decades do seem to make a comeback every now and then, and now it appears to be the turn of the thigh chain!

Russell’s his own Brand!

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Comedian Russell Brand is always making the headlines for one reason or another, but whether it’s for good news or bad news, he always looks cool.  He was spotted in New York recently with none other than Jemima Khan, and, to be honest, they appeared to be more than just friends, so watch this space. Russell again looked amazing in black, as he so often does, and his jewellery never fails to amaze us here at Love Those Charms – long necklaces, bracelets and rings.  Russell Brand has inspired many people, from all walks of life, as for example he used to be very overweight and has shown that with discipline and a smile you can slim down to a healthy weight – this is one of the many reasons why so many look up to him. We think that Russell must own a huge amount of jewellery, as each time we see a picture of him he is showing off a different piece!