Lovelinks Charms - Sterling Silver, Gold, Murano Glass, Swarovski

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Lovelinks brings you the most beautiful sparkling combinations of charms, made from Sterling Silver, 9-carat Gold, Murano glass and Swarovski crystal. Express yourself by using your charms to signify the important stories and moments in your life. Combine different colours or stick with just one - the choice is yours. Make your piece of Lovelinks jewellery completely unique to you.

Lovelinks charms are fully compatible with both Pandora and Trollbead bracelets. Each bead is made with a fused rubber core so that it slides on and off your charm bracelet or necklace easily. Both bracelets and necklaces have raised pods which are evenly spaced and act as stoppers when links are placed on them. This means that you can create different sections if you want to, with varied designs and colour combinations, on the same bracelet or necklace, using only a few charms.

Our huge collection of charms brings you all the latest designs - diamond-cut silver links, gold, Murano glass and Swarovski, with stars, hearts and patterns in all your favourite colours. Let Lovelinks make each day different by dressing you in the designs and colours of your choice. The options are endless with these stunning charms.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)