Sweetie Reward Points

Collect reward points on charms

As a thankyou for shopping at Love Those Charms, we've introduced Sweetie Reward points. Everytime you shop with us, you'll earn reward points to use against future purchases. For very £ you spend you'll earn 2 sweetie points. Collect 100 points and you'll receive £1 off any order.

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Ways to Collect

There are lots more great ways to collect points. If you enjoyed a product, write a short review and we'll give you 50 points as a reward.

Spending Your Points

To redeem your sweetie points, you need to first login into your account. Look for the log in link top right on our site. Once logged in, add one of our lovely products to your shopping cart - we've loads of great charms to choose from! Before checking out, visit the shopping cart page and redeem your points.